Dear Friend,What a year it has been! I am honored to be writing this message as we conclude ioby’s fifteenth anniversary year. During this time, ioby has supported hundreds of projects and transformed thousands of lives—including my own.While I am new to the CEO role, ioby has been in my life for more than a decade. During that time, I have witnessed firsthand how our organization supports change that might not otherwise be possible. I first worked with ioby as an organizer in Brownsville, Brooklyn, where I collaborated with neighbors on a community visioning process called The Hope Summit. There, residents came up with dozens of brilliant ideas, but continued to run into a huge funding barrier when implementing their vision. Enter ioby.The team guided our crowdfunding process from start to finish while trusting that Brownsville’s residents knew what was best for the place they loved. It was true solidarity in action. Since then, I’ve worked with the organization in almost every capacity, including as the funder of ioby’s first match grant program across New York State. I can’t wait to build on those experiences in this new role.One of my initial memories of the organization comes back to Erin Barnes, ioby’s former CEO. Erin and I met at the annual Hike the Heights event in New York City. I was immediately struck by her vision for an organization that centered local ideas as a vehicle for collective transformation. Erin carried forth that vision for fifteen years and provided leadership that was steadfast, strong, and curious. It is a privilege to carry forward that legacy into ioby’s next era.As we enter 2024, a critical year of transition and transformation, I am driven by several core questions: How can we help people raise and access funding as soon as possible? How do we remove barriers so that emergent leaders can step into their power? What does it look like to truly build an organization with and for ioby leaders?This is also a pivotal year for our country, and I believe ioby is uniquely poised to meet this moment. While political leaders exploit our differences to gain power, ioby illuminates our connections and provides a path forward. While these differences are exacerbated by social isolation, which the US Surgeon General calls the greatest public health issue of our time, ioby creates opportunities for shared purpose, deepening community bonds and combatting this crisis of disconnection.I hope that by sparking change block by block, we can connect neighborhoods around the country and, ultimately, improve the health of this nation as a whole. We must remember that despite the divisions that surround us, we are bound together in what Dr. Martin Luther King called “an inescapable network of mutuality.”The transition into the future of the organization will be different, but the core will stay the same. Thank you so much for helping us get to this place. Let’s take what we’ve learned and build the world we dream of—together.

In solidarity,
Nupur Chaudhury

Local Leaders say ioby is good at...

Fifteen Years of
Resident Leadership

ioby has supported 3,715 projects since its inception.

Each one tells a unique story of tenacity and hope. Here are a few highlights from the last fifteen years that demonstrate ioby’s wide-ranging impact, from solutions to climate catastrophe to creating safer streets. Taken as a whole, they are a snapshot of how far we have come, and a source of inspiration for the many ways we might move into the future together.

The Eagle Scout Environmental Awareness Fair

This was the very first project fundraised on ioby more than fifteen years ago! A seventeen-year-old Eagle Scout named Edward Maddelena reached out to raise money for an environmental fair he was hosting in his Bensonhurst, Brooklyn neighborhood. Maddelena raised $150 for reusable bags and pizza—and says the experience sparked his love for local volunteer work, which continues to this day.

Ride On! Bike Co-op

Ade Neff has been a long time project leader with ioby, fundraising for several active transportation projects that have created positive change in the famously car-centric city of Los Angeles. Neff’s work centers on mobility justice and transportation equity, the idea that everyone has a human right to get around safely. In 2015, he founded Ride On! Bike Co-op, which provides no-to-low-cost repairs and bike-riding classes to residents in South LA. Almost nine years later, the co-op is still going strong.

Sister Supply

“Period poverty” refers to inequitable access to menstruation products such as tampons and pads. To address this problem in Memphis, Tennessee, ioby leader Eli Cloud created Sister Supply. What started as a small fundraiser to distribute products to a handful of organizations in the city has transformed into a full-scale nonprofit that has impacted thousands of people: since their initial fundraiser in 2014, Sister Supply has donated over 600,000 products to menstruators across Memphis.

Hike the Heights

In New York City and other urban areas, public parks are often the backyards of a neighborhood—providing much-needed green space to gather, exercise, and build healthy communities. 20 years ago, Hike the Heights came together to celebrate that green space in two NYC neighborhoods: Harlem and Washington Heights. The event has developed into an annual tradition that combines physical activity with arts, crafts, and civic participation.

Kangaroo Birthing

According to the CDC, Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy related causes than white women. At a moment that should be rooted in celebration and care, Black women are too-often faced with a healthcare system that stigmatizes their experiences and denies their pain. In the face of these problems, Black doulas have rolled up their sleeves to save lives. Among these activists is Syreeta Gordon, who founded Kangaroo Birthing, which improves maternal health outcomes for Black women in Pittsburgh by training them to become doulas in their own communities. Gordon successfully fundraised for doula scholarships on ioby, and has expanded her work ever since.

East Brooklyn Mutual Aid

The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the greatest crises in recent memory, and required community leaders to respond in dynamic, urgent, and unprecedented ways. This included the founders and organizers of East Brooklyn Mutual Aid, who worked to provide high-quality food to their neighbors at the height of the pandemic. Since 2020, East Brooklyn Mutual Aid has fundraised more than $150,000 on ioby–which has gone to deepen the movement for food justice across their neighborhood. We’re proud of our ability to get funds out the door quickly and provide much-needed support for organizations who do not have 501c3 status.

We Run Brownsville

Women are often told to “practice self care” without being given the adequate time or resources to do so—or by encouraging the false premise that self-care requires you to leave your community. We Run Brownsville addresses this inequity through an 8-week walk-to-run program that trains women to compete in a 5k race and improve personal and collective wellbeing. The group also cultivates political power by encouraging women to invest in their agency, which has powerful implications on and off the track.

Durga Puja

This year, through a partnership with the Walton Family Foundation, ioby provided match grants to projects in two Northwest Arkansas counties that improve indoor and outdoor spaces. This included a successful fundraiser for Durga Puja, an annual Hindu festival that pays homage to the Hindu goddess Durga. Organized by members of SAMHATI, the “three-day extravaganza” included dancing, drawing, and singing. In total, SAMHATI raised $30,000 on ioby and accomplished their goal of passing down Bengali heritage, culture, and values to the next generation growing up in Arkansas.

Climate Chronicles

In many frontline communities around the world, the impacts of climate catastrophe can already be felt on a daily basis, from extreme weather events to unprecedented drought. However, many of these crucial stories are actively silenced. Climate Chronicles aims to address this imbalance through storytelling workshops that center frontline, directly-impacted communities. Their goal is to spark urgently-needed policy change and build a supportive network of peers. Change will come by centering the most vulnerable among us and ioby is proud to support these networks of solidarity and care in the movement for climate justice.

Dream Garden

In addition to building a thriving community garden on a formerly empty lot in Niagara Falls, New York, Project Green Space created a youth development program for high school students. Those students named the plot “The Dream Garden,” a place to imagine new futures, cultivate self-sufficiency, and deepen community relationships. In addition to the garden—which has thrived since 2018—the young people created a musical based on their experiences, envisioning a world of food sovereignty and power for all.


















BY ioby (31%)









2023 Projects by Type

Where do we begin?
in our own back yards!

ioby mobilizes neighbors who have good ideas to become powerful civic leaders who plan, fund, and make positive change in their own neighborhoods.We are creating a future in which our neighborhoods are shaped by the powerful good ideas of our own neighbors.

ioby is based on the simple but radical idea that collective liberation begins block by block. We trust that neighborhood leaders know what is best for their communities —and that those ideas radiate outward, sparking positive change that helps us all.ioby’s role in this ecosystem is simple. Through coaching, online fundraising, fiscal sponsorship, and fundraising match programs, our goal is to make that change as seamless and accessible as possible. The majority of leaders we partner with are grassroots or unincorporated groups, many of whom we support through fiscal sponsorship programs. We help them receive tax-deductible donations without the administrative overhead, so that neighborhood leaders can focus on change—not paperwork.We want to contribute to the felt sense that people have the power, resources, and support they need to create change where they live. By encouraging everyone to see themselves as ioby leaders, we deepen civic participation in our blocks, neighborhoods and, ultimately, our society as a whole. We resist isolation and apathy and stand firm in our belief that a different world is possible. In fact, we can witness it growing in ioby neighborhoods every single day.

What makes ioby different?

Coaching, Support, & Resources

Over 15 years, ioby’s coaches have developed expertise in crowdfunding and resource-generation for organizations of all sizes. In 2023, our average donation was $143 and 91% of the groups we served had an annual operating budget under $100,000.We coach ioby leaders through every step of the crowdfunding process, from making their first ask to thanking their donors at the end of a campaign. We help them get unstuck when they get stuck. Additionally, we help them identify collaborators and additional resources such as match funds to ensure their project is as successful as possible. This year, more than 50% of the people ioby coached were first-time fundraisers; 81% of project leaders considered their ioby project a success.

National and Place-based Focus

ioby facilitates local impact that drives national change. This year, project leaders came from 147 zip codes and reached more than 2,700 donors. We see all of our communities as interwoven—though we may be far away geographically, our work is deeply intertwined. By making these connections visible, we honor local expertise while advocating for a vision of all of our communities that is more equitable, abundant, and fair. As movement work teaches us, what happens at the small scale becomes the large scale.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship enables unincorporated groups to receive tax-deductible donations. This allows organizations like mutual aid groups to quickly put funds back into their communities without the administrative hassle. Fiscal sponsorship also removes the administrative overhead that disproportionately prohibits BIPOC-led and other marginalized organizations from accessing funds. This year, 70% of ioby leaders identified as BIPOC, which exceeded our goal of increasing this percentage from 50% to 65% annually.

Match Programs

Our match programs combine philanthropic, government, nonprofit, and corporate dollars with grassroots-led crowdfunding to maximize financial impact in our communities. By combining resources, we are able to increase the impact we can have — while continuing to center neighborhood voice and vision. This year, we partnered with the Walton Family Foundation to raise nearly $265,000 for projects in Northwest Arkansas, which spanned an immersive walk-through replica of a Delta juke joint, a community-based photography studio for kids, an annual day of the dead celebration, and much more!

Commitment to Racial Justice

Racial justice is woven into every aspect ioby’s work. We are specifically focused on supporting BIPOC-led organizations who have been systematically excluded from other philanthropic resources, and are committed to the ongoing work of repair that is required to build truly just neighborhoods. Additionally, as a BIPOC-led organization, we are dedicated to seeing ourselves and our communities reflected in every decision we make, from our hiring practices to an equitable storytelling framework.

Building Tech For Good

While technology impacts every aspect of our lives, the needs, perspectives, and ideas of people of color have often been systematically overlooked from the process of developing new technologies. To address this and expand our support for ioby project leaders, one of the largest investments ioby has made in 2023 is in the transformation of ioby.org, our digital platform and suite of tools.As any ioby project leader knows, our website is the hub of all project activity, from setting up a campaign page to posting success stories along the way. We want to make that process as simple as possible. In short, we need to ensure our technology supports the transformation you are leading in your neighborhood.The relaunch of ioby.org is led by ioby’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Lomax, and an all-BIPOC technology team. The digital platform pilot will launch in 2024 with several new, key features. These will include more intuitive functions, like being able to build your fundraising page on a mobile phone or cash out your campaign in a single click. It will also include a core focus on ensuring accessibility so that ioby’s tools are fully aligned within a disability justice framework.Our goal in 2024 and beyond is holistic integration: designing tech products that are as useful as possible for ioby project leaders, and ensuring connection is central to everything we build. By making an investment in an in-house technology team, we ultimately hope to build products side-by-side with ioby project leaders to build the world we want to see—both online and off.

What the Data Shows Us: Lessons from 2023 Leader Surveys

At the end of their campaign, every ioby project leader is invited to participate in a survey about their experiences. We have an 85% response rate, which means that we have detailed insights into what went well and what we are able to do to improve in the future. We use these insights to guide our future decision making to ensure we are always learning and growing to meet our leaders’ needs.

Here are the top three things we've learned this year and what it means going forward:

1. ioby proves that community change doesn’t require 501c3 status or a big budget.Over 60% of ioby projects are led by an informal group of volunteers. The remaining projects are led by small nonprofits, 85% of which are also volunteer-led. For all these community leaders, nonprofits and volunteers alike, 75% of their funding comes entirely from donations. A full 91% of the groups we support are able to reach brand new donors through their ioby campaign, and for a quarter of ioby campaigns, nearly all of their donors are brand new.2. ioby helps even the most experienced community leaders build new fundraising skillsThis year, 58% of ioby leaders report having led community volunteer projects for a decade or more, and yet 80% of ioby users self-report that they are beginners or have only intermediate skills in crowdfunding. This means the ioby training experience is filling a skill gap among even experienced community leaders. Learning to crowdfund is helping organizers build a new funding stream outside of grantmaking philanthropy. Resident leaders funded by hyper local residents are implementing their own vision for their neighborhood.3. There was a 10% increase in campaigns where nearly all donors were new.This means ioby is helping people reach new donors, increasing the likelihood that their campaign will be successful. Additionally, our coaching and platform services are increasing the number of donors, and therefore the number of people involved in those community projects. At their best, donations are more than financial. They are a form of resource redistribution that helps deepen community relationships and a sense that we can all contribute to the places we love most in distinct, personal ways.

Four Levels of Impact

ioby Matches: Magnifying Philanthropic Impact

In 2023, ioby implemented 12 match programs in partnership with foundations, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and local governments. Through these programs, ioby leveraged over $673,000 in institutional funding to catalyze resident-led change.ioby's match programs are unique partnerships that support those best positioned to make change and build power in their neighborhoods—residents themselves. Match programs provide local leaders with an opportunity to double their crowdfunded gifts and access timely, flexible, funding alongside ioby’s proven coaching and resources.The local leaders ioby supports in communities across the country often do not have access to traditional sources of funding. The partners ioby work with to provide match programs want to get their funding to the grassroots and deep roots level. Our equity-centered model works to address both of these needs and provide a powerful boost to neighbor-led positive change.

2023 Snapshot


The Reimagining Communities Match Program (in partnership with the Communities First Fund) supported BIPOC-led projects that radically reimagine public space or support the implementation of public infrastructure investment in their communities across the country.


Both the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Match Program and the Fowler Family Foundation Creative Arts Matching Fund supported Cuyahoga County residents with ideas to improve their communities through the arts.One county over, the Lorain Match Program (partnership with the Community Foundation of Lorain County) supported individuals and volunteer-led nonprofits with ideas for positive change.


The Detroit Match Program (in partnership with the Ford Foundation) supported neighbors with a variety of creative ideas for a thriving Detroit.


The Healthy Food, Healthy Lives Match Program (in partnership with NY Health Foundation) supported BIPOC residents working to improve community food systems and food justice.The NYC Green Fund Crowdfunding Challenge (in partnership with City Parks Foundation) supported residents working to improve, maintain, and build community through green spaces.The Con Edison Power Up Neighborhood Match Program helped spark and support creative ideas for public art and environmental projects.The Clean Bay Match Program (funded through an Environmental Benefit Project under a Clean Water Act settlement) amplified residents’ work to restore water quality.


The Sacramento Arts & Culture Match Program (in partnership with the City of Sacramento’s Office of Arts & Culture) supported residents to make their neighborhoods stronger, more vibrant, and more just through the arts.

Spotlight: Supporting Community-Led Change in Northwest Arkansas

In 2023, ioby partnered with the Walton Family Foundation to create the Northwest Arkansas Neighborhood Match Program. Donations are matched up to $15,000 for public space projects in Arkansas’ Benton and Washington counties that are led by residents or small local nonprofits. Program participants benefit from ioby’s individualized coaching and access to fiscal sponsorship and other key resources.So far, ioby has leveraged over $114,000 in match funds provided by the Walton Family Foundation to support residents to raise an additional $123,773 in donations for 12 local projects—for a total of $237,773 directed to community-designed and led projects! This program is continuing into 2024, and we can’t wait to see what creative ideas residents are able to realize next.

Introducing the
Active Transit Toolkit

In partnership with the Summit Foundation, we created our brand new Active Transit Toolkit, a guide to building sustainable transportation projects in communities around the country. We spoke with ioby leaders in Rhode Island, California, and Tennessee about what made their projects successful—and how those lessons might be applied to new projects in new places.Active transit refers to movement that does not rely on cars, such as walking, biking or taking public transportation, and the infrastructure that makes it safer and easier to opt into these activities. At the root of active transit is transportation equity, the simple but radical idea that every person has a right to get around efficiently and safely in the place they live. As communities around the world organize to address the ongoing impacts of the climate crisis, active transit offers a way to positively impact both our neighborhoods and the planet. As ioby has believed for fifteen years, projects that are forged at the local level have the potential for massive collective impact.In addition to core interviews with active transit organizers, we’ve included dozens of projects that have successfully fundraised on ioby, from collectively-owned bike repair shops in Miami to a safer crosswalk project in Memphis, Tennessee and Crosswalk flags around the country. We hope that this toolkit will inspire neighborhood leaders to create or deepen transit projects in their own cities.

What's Next in 2024?

With your support, we will:

Create a brand-new ioby.orgIn 2024, we are eager to pilot a new version of ioby.org. After a monthslong listening tour, we have developed a product that we hope will meet critical user needs—and will be constantly iterated based on ioby project leader feedback. These features will include the ability to build and update your funding page on a mobile device and a more seamless disbursement process.

An expanded commitment to building connections across neighborhoods, deepening civic and public health at the national level.2024 is a presidential election year, which means projects that deepen the civic health of our neighborhoods and, by extension, our nation will be at the core of our work. We are entering a period that will require us to forge new definitions of what it means to be an American, and we hope to contribute to that conversation in a way that cultivates an expansive vision of community wellbeing. In 2024, we will support projects that embody that work across the country.

An ongoing commitment to racial equity.In 2023, we set an explicit goal that 65% of project leaders will be BIPOC. We ended the year at 70%, exceeding that goal. In 2024, we aim to continue our equity commitment with a specific emphasis on ioby’s Match programs. In 2022, over 50% of match funding was secured by BIPOC-led ioby campaigns; in 2023, this number was 69%! In the coming year, we are confident that number will continue to grow.

A Return to Pittsburgh.This year, we will return to Pittsburgh, a city where we have facilitated deep change in the past. From 2016 to 2019, we had place-based staff in the city, where we saw visionary projects emerge. In 2024, we will launch a new place-based strategy there with funding from the Hillman Family Foundations. Our focus will be twofold: our first goal is to increase the capacity and funding for neighborhood leaders, deep roots groups, and grassroots organizations in the city, with a specific focus on underrepresented residents. Our second is to integrate ioby as a valuable tool and resource for resident-led change — ensuring that we are able to support Pittsburgh leaders for the long haul.

ioby Board of Directors

Apollo Gonzales
ioby Board Chair
President, Nimbus Strategies, Inc.

Evelyn Burnett
Co-Founder and Partner, ThirdSpace Action Lab

Jamie Hand
Director of Strategic Impact and Narrative Change, Creatives Rebuild New York

Jena’ Bradley
ioby Board Secretary & Governance Cmte Chair
Director, Community Impact, United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Christine Rico
ioby Board Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair
Consulting CFO, CFO on Speed Dial

Omar Parbhoo
ioby Board Development Committee Chair
Vice President, ideas42

Nupur Chaudhury

Loren Blackford
Interim Executive Director,
Sierra Club

Lindsay Campbell
Research Social Scientist,
U.S. Forest Service

Scott Miller
Consultant, Scott Miller Strategies

Michelle Huang
Generation Investment Management

Karyn Williams
Program Director,
Design Trust For Public Space

Justin Garrett Moore, AICP
Program Officer, Humanities in Place, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Nadia Owusu
Director, Storytelling,
Frontline Solutions

Ioanna Paraskevopoulos
Executive Director and Co-Founder,
Action Tank USA

Harriet Tregoning
Director, NUMO Alliance,
WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities

Camilla Velasquez
New York Times Cooking

ioby Leadership Council

Art Chang
Innovation Leader

Alyssa Dizon
Growth Product Manager, BlocPower / Organizer, Bed-Stuy Strong

Gail Scovell
Nonprofit Attorney and Advisor

Erica Guyer
Deputy General Counsel, The Rockefeller Foundation

Huma Hamid
Pakistani Women in Computing

Thomas Knight
Product Manager,
Teachers Pay Teachers

Melissa Malzkuhn
Founder & Creative Director, Motion Light Lab, Gallaudet University

Koketso Moeti
Founding Executive Director,

Kirsten Moy
Complexity explorer;
practitioner member of the WICI

Ramya Raghavan
Director, Civics and Policy Marketing,

Doug Rushkoff
Professor of Media Studies, Queens/CUNY; Author & Host of Team Human

Jonathan Schwartz
Chief Technology Officer,

Micah Sifry
Co-Founder of Civic Hall,
Author of The Connector

Yolonda Smith

George Suttles
Executive Director,
Commonfund Institute

Allison Thrush
Fortress Investment Group

2023 Philanthropic & Partnership Support

ioby’s work in 2023 was made possible with generous support from the individuals, foundations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local governments listed below. We are incredibly grateful for their dedication to supporting resident-led positive change in communities across the country.

Foundations, Nonprofit Organizations, Businesses, and Local Government

Brooklyn Brewery
City of Sacramento
City Parks Foundation
Claneil Foundation
The Cleveland Foundation
Communities First Fund
Community Foundation of Lorain      County
Con Edison
Covington & Burling LLP
Cuyahoga Arts and Culture
Flagstar Foundation
Ford Foundation
The Char and Chuck Fowler Family      Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates
The George Gund Foundation
Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr.
Hillman Family Foundations
Hyde Family Foundations
The JPB Foundation

The Kresge Foundation
LINK Strategic Partners
Movement Strategy Center
Natural Resources Defense Council
New York Health Foundation
Participatory Budgeting Project
Prospect Hill Foundation
Saint Luke's Foundation
Summit Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
David Rockefeller Fund
ThirdSpace Action Lab
Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Walton Family Foundation
Yale School of the Environment

Individual Donors

Fredric Abiera
Scott Abrams
William Abrams
Ysabel Abreu
Lorraine Adams
Joanne Adams
Adrienne Adelsberger
Christopher Adkins
Shelby Adney
Carole Agard
Kris Aguero
Nazia Ahmed
Michael Akin
Atossa Alavi
Laurie Albright
Joan Alexander Bakiriddin
Ajenaba Ali
Tamara Alibeckoff
Venesa Alicea
Jennifer Allen
Darlene Allen
Jennifer Allyn
Marc Amigone
Geoff Anderson
Perrine Anderson
Alia Anderson
Wendy Anderson
Christina Angel
Andrea Anson
Alec Appelbaum
Nicholas Appice
Hunter Armstrong
Dawn Arrington
Vikas Arun
Jennifer Ashburn
Rimma Ashkinadze
Lee Austin
Michael Blaise Backer
Sheila Badal
A & C Baier
Rick Balian
Kendrick Ballard
Judy Baloney
Ronald Banaszek
Abdul Latif Banire
Terri Banks-Faison
Cindy Barber
Sheila Gordon
Anita Barnes
Heather Barnhart
Charol Barrett
William Barrett
Stacey Bartels
Helene Bassett
Karin Batterton
Jordan Battiste
Ernst Bauer
Annabel Bazante
Joel Beall
Michael Beckerman
Felicity Beil
Amber Benham
Phyllis Benjamin
Jeffrey Benjamin
Danielle Bennett
Jamie Bennett
Rebecca Bentley
Marina Berio
Jane Bernhardt
Eleonora Bershadskaya
Amandeep Bhatti
Elizabeth Billings
Maria Binkowitz
Caitlin Bishop
Indigo Bishop
Ruth Bisko
Dennis Black
Loren Blackford
Natalie Blair
Patty Blazer
Richard E Blodgett
Katharine Boicourt
Emily Bolevice
Janice Booth
Ted Borgstadt
Susan Borkowski
Helga Borrero- Manley
Sandy Borthwick
Jason Boutin
Lawrence Bowdish
Danette Bowles
Dave Boyer
Susan Boyle
Therese Braddick
Jena' Bradley
Valerie Bradley
Wendy Brawer
Reza Breakstone
Elaine Breiner
Ericka Brewington
David Briggs
Emily Briglia
Thaddeus Briner
Danarrius Broadway
Sharod Brown
Amy Brown
Robert Brown
Orelia Brown Burrows
Dawn Brubaker
Louise Bruce
Marsha Bruhn
Diane Bryant
John Buchanan
Eliane Bugod
Evelyn Burnett
Anne Bush
Keri Butler
Hillary Butler
Kim Bylander
Beatriz Cabrera
Dick Cahoon
Stephen Cain
Amy Callahan
Lindsay Campbell
Gerald Campbell
Maria & Ron Cangemi
Dominick Cangiano
Eloise Canzone
Tracey Capers
Ethan M Cargill
Syd Carpenter
Juan Carrillo
David Carroum
Ariel Carson
Germaine K Carter
Shaaryn Carter-Ivory
Karen Casey
Karen Casey
Lindsay Cashman
Ed Cashman
Paola Castellanos
Caroline Cauthen
Art Chang
Albert Chao
Katie Charles
Mary Lee Charles
Nupur Chaudhury
Gena Chavez
Stacey Chen
Kim Cherry
Dawn Cherry
Sarah Cheslock
Josh Chin
Orchid Chu
Kelli Ciaramitaro
Paul Clark
Michael Clark
Patti Clayton
Ayaba Clemens
Kenneth Clisham
Paula Coggins
Naomi Cohen
Brian Cohen
Gregory Cohen
Kristen Cole
Priscilla Cole
Marcus Collier
Geoffrey Collins
Debora Collins
Ana Colon
James Cook
Debbie Cooper
Robert Coover
Brenda Corchado
Joe Corso
Shery Cotton
Christina Courtenay
Deborah Cox
Dan Craft
Joseph Craig
Lisa Craig
June Cross
Catherine Crouch
Diana Crum
Michael Cummings
Lora Currier
Bruce Curtis
Robert Czapla
Martin Daly
Sarah Danforth
Gabrielle D'Angelo
Kareem Daniels
Michael Davies
Shari Davis
Helen Elizabeth Davis
Adina Davis
Gordon Davis
Sara Davis
Mark Dawson
Erik Day
Olivier de la Salle
April De Simone
Celina de Sola
Damian Defex
Eryn DeFontes
Suzanne DeGaetano
Elizabeth DeGaetano
Rachel DeGolia
Barbara Deinhardt
Anna Deknatel
Michael Delf
Nina DeLoge
Danielle Demisay
LaShawnda Denson
Harry DeRienzo
Anthony DeRoss
Cynthia Dettelbach
Ritik Dholakia
Magen Di Gregorio
Al Di Raffaele
Sophie Dichter
Lee Dichter
Ian Dickinson
JJ & Rob DiGeronimo
Collins Dillard
Debra Dingler
Vivian Dobson- Plummer
Kurt Doege
Theresa Doherty
Lalesa Dollar
Angelina Domfeh
Samantha Donaldson
Andrew Doran
Dick and Jennie Dorn
Joanna Dorsey
John Dorsky
Nicholas Douglas
Linda Downs
Anthony Draine
Nicole Drespel
Mahesh Dubal
Zach Dubno
Amanda Dubois
Denise Ducray
John Duffy
Jacqueline Dunlap
Robert Dunlap
Sheryll Durrant
Helena Durst
Robert Dussault
Projjal Dutta
Jamie Eaves
David Edgington
Michael Edwards
Deborah Edwards-Onoro
Sara Perl-Egendorf
Janie Eisenberg
Douglas Elbinger
Bill Elder
Megan Elias
Mary Ellen Porto
Lisa Elliott
Ruth Ellis
Curtis Ellis
Shawna Emerick
Stephen Emery
Christopher Emond
Lorraine Engenito
Ray English
Paul Epstein
Julie A Erickson
Emily Erimias
Melissa Estro
Greg Faiers
Lydia Faiers
Abdou Fall
Catyana Falsetti
Sandra Faltynek
Tugade Family
Kathleen Farley
Timothy Farrell
Melissa Feldman
Kalli Feldman
Michael Feller
J Daniel Ferguson
Dan Ferguson
Tracy A Fero
Arlisa Ferrara
Sue Ferreri
Garrett Ferris
Eloise Fiebig
Catherine Fireman
Charlotte Fisher
Deborah Flanagan
Jacqueline Flewellyn
Kyle Flowers
Michael Flynn
Mark Foggin
Wilson Fong
Kimberly Foreman
Maria Foschia
William Fox
Robert Fragasso
Jenny Frankel-Reed
Cathy Franks
Leslie Freeman
Jonathan Frenkel
Osvaldo Frias
Celeste Frye
Robert Fullilove
Cindy Gajus
Yvonne Gallegos-Vincent
Greg Garcia
Patricia Gardner
Monica Gaughan
Tonya Gayle
Jack Gazdik
Gordon Geballe
Alicia Gee
John Gendall
Alexandra Gervis
Asish Ghosh

Steven Giallourakis
Rosamond Gianutsos
Mary Giffin
Pamela Gill
Elizabeth Gilmore
Robert Gizis
Patricia Glancy
Lauren Glant
Joanne Glaser
Eric Glickman
Marsha and Mark Goings
Roberta Goldberg
Sally Goldhaber
David Goldman
Carmen Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez
Kodrin Gonzalez
Tim Goodell
Nura Goodson
Stephanie Gordon
Derrick Grahovac
Joan Grant
Dawn Grattino
Toni Graves
Annemarie Gray
Shauna Gray \Hall
Brenda Green
April Greene
David Greenwald
Shawn Gregoire
Josh Grider
John Grim
Pete Gulyas
Jason Gutman
Erica Guyer
Sarah Gyorki
Michael Haber
Barbara Hackley
Jerome Haferd
Qaisra Haider
Sandra Hall
Steven Hallock
Elizabeth Hamby
Daniel Hammaker
Zoe Hammer
Laura Hansen
Robert Hanson
Kim Harmon
Lia Harper
Candace Harris
Susan Harris
Jennifer Harris-Hernandez
Elizabeth Hart
Yvonne Hartung
Majuma Hassani
Kerry Hayes
Michael Hays
Maria Hejnal
Luke Hennig
Caryl Henrichsen
Brenda Henrichsen
Jessica Himelman
Beth Hinkle
John Hodge
James Hodges
Mark Hoehnen
Maureen Hogan
Joyce Hogi
Margaret Holland
Bob Holland
Charles Holloway
Lisa Holmes
David Holmes
Cheryl Holt
Mary Holzman-Tweed
Gerald Homan
Kimberly Hone
Theresa Hooks
John Hornickel
RJ Horwitz
Mario Hosea
Brian Hotaling
Wayne Howard
Jo Ann Howley
Jackson Hoyt
Michelle Huang
Karl Hummel
Peter Hunt
Ann Hunter
Chris Huntington
Lystria Hurley
Thomas Hynes
John Inserra
William Isenberg
Ross Jackman
Elizabeth Jacks
Darnell Jackson
Ken Jackson
Wendy Jackson
Michelle Jackson
Robin Jacobs
Stephen A Jacobson
Inez James
April Jenkins
Laura Jensen
Max Joel
Gregory Johnson
Peter Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Cicely Johnson
Cornell Johnson
Michelle Johnson-Tidjani
Lanesha Jones
Linda Jones
Mark Jones
Monique Jones
Sondra Jones
John Jones
Kim Joseph
Ashante Joseph
Lisa Joseph
Gregory Jost
Christine Kaasmann-Dunn
Rachel Kacenjar
Esha Kallam
Lauren Kaplan
Alexandra Karpova
Larry Kaufman
Ayako Kawanishi
Mo & Deb Keenan
Mark Keffer
Renee Keitt
Phil Kelch
Kerrin Kelly
Dominic Kelly
Anna Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy
Beth Keshishian
Rachel Kessy
Daanish Khan
Ellie Kibbe
Matthew Kielian
Hanna King
Rebecca Kirch
Micah Kirman
Patricia Kirshner
Inbar Kishoni
Gabriel Klein
Chinyere Knight
Gwendolyn Knight
Kathleen Knudsen
Vincent Kobelt
Holly Koenig
Joshua Kogut
Kris Konietzko
Donna M Korczyk
George Koshy
Jennifer Krafsky
Josh Kruszynski
Jayne Kuhn
Peter Kuniholm
Nana Kyei
Jana La Sorte
Cathy LaCour
Karen LaJoe
Surabhi Lal
James Lampe
Alexis Landes
Daniel Lanzaro
Josh Lasky
Marc Lavender
Monti Lawson
Sydney Lea
Sydney Lea
Erma Leaphart
Karen Lebovitz
Ye-Fu Lee
Jenny Lee
Elizabeth Lehman
Julie Leimbach
Abigal Lenhardt
Cheryl Leone
Josh Lerner
Hazel Carr Leroy
Scott Leslie
Thom Lessner
Michael Levin
Sally Levine
Susan Levko
Caitlin Lewis
Ja'Ron Lewis
Jaime-Jin Lewis
John A Lewis
Quardean Lewis-Allen
Valerie Libman
Tiffany Lin
Katherine Linke
Sasha Linney
Joan Linney
Carole Lively
Stephen Lockwood
Grace Lodge
Ann Loeb
Judith Loebl
Diane Loeser
Barbara Loftin
Gil Lopez
Kerry Lowe
Heather Lubov
Phil Lucas
Susan Lukwago
Marc Lummis
Ulises Luna
Kristin Lusk
Matthew Lyons
Joan MacDonald
Bridget MacMillan
Emily Magoc
Benjamin Mahnke
Cathie Mahon
Eli Malinsky
Christine Malkowski
Joan Manes
Aimee Mankodi
Jonathan Marable
Robert Mariano
Jacqueline Martinez
Michelle Martinez
Tebello Marumo
Janather Mason
Tanisha Massie
Thomas Matthews
Steve Mauer
Ahmina Maxey
Jana Mayfield
Felicia Mayro
Peggy McClure
Nanette McCracken
Shaunda Mcdill
Chris McDonald
Edmond McGehee
Cheryl McGinnis
Thomas McGowan
John McGrail
Joseph McIntosh
Jillian McLaughlin
Kelvin Mcleain
Emma McMahon
Brendan McNally
Sarah McNanney
Kelley McShane
Kevin Megan
Josue Mendez Dietsch
Lorenzo Mendoza
Rebecca Meng
Gretchen Mergenthaler
Gina Merrill
Seth Meyer
Seth Meyer
Thad Meyerriecks
Gail Meyers
Rob Miller
Scott Miller
Beatrice Miller
Chris Miller
Laura Miller Brooks
Chris Milligan
Leland Mills
Jacqueline Mills
Dana Minaya
James Mitchell
Nobuko Miyamoto
Kelly Moffat
Regan Moffitt
Emeka Moneme
Justin Moore
Cindy Moore
Rose Moore
Nerissa Moray
Hermine Moskowitz
Catherine Mott
Kirsten Moy
Kevin Moy
Thomas Muckenthale
Tyler Mueller
Margaret Mulley
Jenny Murphy
Linda Musial
Aaron Myles
Shari Nacson
Kenneth Nadolski
Natalia Natalia
Dorothy Neely
Marija Nelson
Margaret Nelson
Dr Kesha Nelson
Eric Ng
Steven Nguyen
Linh Nguyen
Charlotte Nichols
Hadrien Nicoloso
Irene Nielson
Jenni Niemi
Max Nieves
Jennifer Nitzky
Sona Nixon
DeAndre Nixon
DeAndre NIxon
DeAndre Nixon
Jody Noble-Choder
Margarete Noel
Kara Norlin
Clarinda Northrop
Alison Novak
Susan O'Connor- Wright
Charlie O'Donnell
Christopher O'Mara
Thomas O'Neill
Tomo Obaro
Robert Oden
Haruko Ogawa
Yoko Ohama
John Olsommer
Grace Osborne
Elizabeth Osborne
Emma Osore
Nadia Owusu
DaChon Pace
Marion Pace
Sujatha Padmanabhan
Cheryl Pahaham

Lynn Panciera-Fraser
Walt Panfil
Kei Pang
Omar Parbhoo
Saumya Parikh
Ami Kaushik Patel
Vishal Patel
Mary Patierno
Meg Pauken
Matthew Pedone
Neal Pendergraft
Aaron Penn
Gina Pensiero
Elizabeth Perez
Bryan Perino
Derrell Peterson
Julie Pewitt
Amy Phillips
Chooch Pickard
Sia Pickett
Jeanette Pierce
Martin Ping
Alicia Piraka
Herwig Pirker-Gibson
Ma Eint Poe
Alison Politziner
Trevor Pollack
Noah Popp
Daniel Pore
Robert Posner
Jonathan Preiss
Gail Propp
Lovely Pruiett
James Pruskowski
Jim JP Ptacek
Faustine Quanstrom
Linda Quella
Patrick Quinn
Rachid Rached
Ashley Rafalow
Ann Ramage
Chris Ramage
Ariel Ramchandani
Jocelyn Randle
Steve Rapanos
Chris Ratkowski
Charles Raymond
Joan Razzante
Georgia Reader
Esther Regelson
Magali Regis
Ann Reichle
Roberta Reichtell
Adam Reno
Joel Revill
Isabel Reyes
Ashley Reyes
Pierce Reynoldson
Bryce Rhoades
Melba Rhodes-Stanford
Adam Riback
Lynda Ricciardone
Sydney Rice
Anna Richburg
Melissa Richmond
Elisabeth Richter- Belote
Christine Rico
Christine Rico
Rachael Riddell
Catherine Ridenour
Emily Rinck
Nicole Risafi
Raul Rivera
Catarina Rivera
Lucille Rivin
Janet Roberson
Tegan Roberts
Orlando Robinson
Esther Robinson
Josephine Robinson- Reed
Nedra Robison
Katherine Roboff
Raquel Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez
John David Rollins
Juen Romanoff
Bryony Romer
Larry Ropp
Shelly Rosekelly
Alexa Rosenberg
Nicholas Rossa
William Rosser
Mary Rossetto
Edan Rotenberg
Bernadette Roussel
Rob Ruhlman
Jason Rusche
J Rusely
Deborah Russell
Rebecca Ryan
Judith Ryder
Marilyn Rymniak
George Sago
Nara Sainthil
Lindsey Saldivar
Sarah Salem
Caitlin Salemi
Donald Salzman
George Sanchez
Angela Sanders
Gabriela Santiago-Romero
Robert Sawyer
Keara Scannell
Mignonne Scarbrough
Lee Scarlett
Nathaniel Schaffer
Eric Schaffert
Ingrid Schaffner
Mary Schatzman
Amy Schecter
Dana Schneider
Mackenzie Schoonmaker
Kelly Schrank
Clara Schuhmacher
Sanford Schulman
Jason Schwartz
Patricia Schwartz
Lynn Sciumbato
Ron Scott
Waymond Scott
Gail Scovell
Jerad Sears
Ashley Seil Smith
Susan Seinfeld
Asis K Sengupta
Christine Sepcic
Nadine Sewak
Alnisa Shabazz
Nishant Shah
Jessica Sharkey
Vin Sharma
John Sharp
Erin Shawgo
Nicolas Shearman
Benjamin Shepherd
Amalya Sherman
Andrew Shirtz
Lisa Shirtz
Karen Shulhan
Kendra Sibley
Mr. Siegel
Micah Sifry
Jill Sigman
Rachel Silver
Mitchell Silver
Gerald Simpson
Bahati Sinzahera
JoAnn Skutch
Jacob Slater
Kevin Slivka
Kelly Smargiassi
Caroline Smith
Romaine Smith
Timothy Smith
Elizabeth Smith
James Smith
Calix Smith-Crowley
Melody Snyder
Leslie Sobel
Sheila Somashekhar
Ben Somberg
Anne Sparrenberger
Michael Sparrow
Dorchelle Spence
Lloyd Spencer
Robin Spiegelman
Martin Spitzer
Grant Springer
Theresa Staley
Louis Standish
Virgil Stanford
Bronwyn Starr
Anim Steel
Jane Steinkraus
Scott Stettin
Cleo Stevenson
Ursula Stewart
Matthew Stolz
Elise Stone
Susan Straight
Kelly Sudduth
Darren Suen
Wendy Sumner-Winter
George Suttles
Sarah Swanson Harsh
Therese & James Sweeney
Dan Tainow
Paul Tainsh
Judy Takacs Pendergast
Ruth Tal-Singer
Stephanie Tameze
Jessica Tasucu
Jean Tatge
Van Tatum
Lacey Tauber
Jennifer Tausig
Richard Tavoso
Susan Taylor
Andre Taylor
Jesse Taylor
Janice Taylor Heard
Trish Tchume
David Tedone
Jenifer Thom
Elizabeth Thomas
Terra Thomas
Rashidah Thomas
Reina Thomas
Jeanne Thugut
Iyana Titus
Cathe Torgerson
Heather Torok
Sharon Torres
Bruce Torrey
Sarah Townley
Nancy Tozer
Josh Trautwein
Chris Treado
Harriet Tregoning
Trooper Q's LLC
Beth Trouy
Shin-Pei Tsay
Joseph Tucker
Rebecca Tuffey
Teresa Turk
Mindy Turley
Michael Turner
Tanjulla Tyson
Jeffrey Tyzzer
Jennifer Uhlemann
Yale University
Brigitte V
Frank Valente
James Valleroy
Lourdes Valverde
Creighton Vance
Ka Vang
Bose Varghese
Janelle Varnado
Stephanie Vazquez
Isabel Vazquez
Joel Vazquez
Camilla Velasquez
Michelle Velez
Tammy Vericker
Jennalise Vescovo
Bethy Victorin
Will Villota
Ashlee Vilos
Lisa Vinciquerra
Beena Viswanathan
William Vogelgesang
Teresa von Fuchs
Wynn Wagenseil
Chris Wagenseil
Bethany Wall
Justin Wallace
Kent Wallace
H Walls
Darian Ward
Gloria Ware
Karen Washington
Andrew Watanabe
Katrina Watkins
Myron Watkins
Lisa Watson
Diane Weickenand
Gary Weidner
Sue Weir
John Wells
Landon Westbrook
Ari Westreich
Cat White
Clovis White
Pamela White
Adam Whiting
Austin Whitman
Brandon Whitney
Ryan Whitworth
Elisabeth Wickeri
Tracy Williams
Eric Williams
Karyn Williams
Keith Williams
Debra Williams
David Willson
Janet Wilsom
Rachel Wilson
Ernest Wilson
Clark Wilson
Leah Windsor
Finley Wise
Susan Wolpert
David Woods
Leonard Wooley
Lynn Wrice-Head
Marion Wright
Shannon Wurst
Barbara L Wyckoff
Cheryl Wycoff
Chris Xu
Yuan Yao
Tod Yeslow
Koray Yilmaz
Leslie Yingling
Paul Young
Charles Zalben
Brian Zegeer
Bruce Zeines
Steven Zenthoefer
Chris Zenthoefer
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